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  • 325521 - Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths

Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths 8/pkg

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Product Description

ConvaTec Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths

  • Ref# 325521
  • 8 towelettes per package
  • Rinse-free disposable bathing system that cleanses and moisturizes

 Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths are a moisturizing cleansing system for no-rinse bed bathing. Each bag contains eight pre-moistened cloths for cleansing body areas. Aloe Vesta® Bathing Cloths contain natural botanical oils which moisturize and condition the skin making it feel smooth and soft without leaving a sticky residue.
Please note: This product does not contain latex.

How To Use Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths

  1. Heating instructions: Peel open label of Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths without completely removing it. Heat in a microwave for 30 seconds or less; please remember that heating power of microwaves can vary, and caution should be taken to avoid overheating. Reseal label if not using immediately. Bathing cloths may also be used at room temperature or warmed in a warming oven.

  2. Wash hands. Put on gloves.

  3. CAUTION: Do not use if there is any indication bathing cloths are extremely hot. Remember, gloves make it more difficult for you to feel the heat. Closely check heat level for infants, the elderly, diabetics, or unresponsive or skin- sensitive individuals.

  4. Reminder—Use one bathing cloth for each body area, then throw it away.

    • Neck and facial area
    • Right arm
    • Left arm
    • Left leg
    • Right leg
    • Front part of perineal area (anterior perineum)
    • Back torso
    • Buttocks and back part of perineal area (posterior perineum)
  1. Remove patient’s clothing. Cover patient with a sheet or bath blanket. Cleanse patient’s face, neck, and ears. Fold sheet or bath blanket down to pubic area. Cleanse chest.

  2. Cleanse right arm, hand, and armpit. Repeat with left arm, hand, and armpit.

  3. Cleanse left leg and foot. Repeat with right leg and foot. Inspect feet for excessive dryness, moisture, or pressure points.

  4. Expose the groin area, and cleanse anterior perineum. Inspect the perineal skin for excessive moisture, excoriation, redness or irritation. Apply a protective ointment or antifungal ointment, if necessary. Replace the sheet or bath blanket over the patient.

  5. Assist patient to a side-lying position. Cleanse back torso. Wash buttocks and posterior perineum, taking care to carefully cleanse in skin folds. Apply a protective ointment or antifungal ointment if necessary. Inspect skin for any signs of redness, pressure points, maceration, or excoriation. Do not massage reddened areas.

  6. Remove and discard gloves. Dress the patient. Change the bed linen.

  7. Discard disposable items in a plastic trash bag and secure.

  8. Wash hands. Note any skin changes.

REMEMBER to check the skin for:

  • Redness due to irritants (excoriation) or pressure points (leads to the development of pressure ulcers)

  • Dryness (common in patients over 65, patients whose immune systems are not working properly, patients with diabetes, or those who are having radiation therapy or kidney dialysis)


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