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Bard Urinary Drainage Collection Systems



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Bard Urinary Drainage Collection Systems (sterile)

  • Item# 153504
  • 2,000 mL size
  • Center entry closed system urinary drainage bag
  • Plastic hinged hanger and string attached
  • Sample Port
  • Anti-reflux drip chamber


Directions For Use of Bard's Urinary Night Drainage System

Visually inspect the product for any imperfections or surface deterioration prior to use. If package is opened or if any imperfection or surface deterioration is observed, do not use.

1. Remove protective cap from drainage tube catheter adapter and connect drainage tube to catheter.

2. Position hanger on bedside rail, using string or hook.

3. Use sheeting clip to secure drainage tube to sheet.  Important: Hange drainage tube in a straight fashion from bedside to drainage bag. Ensure that the drainage bag is placed near the foot of the bed.

4. If using a urine meter, it may be emptied in two ways:

a. To empty into the bag, grasp the bottom of the meter and lift up.  To ensure that the meter empties completely, lifting again is recommended.

b. To empty urine meter into receptacle, twist green portion of drain valve to the left; to close, twist green position of the drain valve to the right.

5. To empty bag:

a. Remove outlet tube from housing; gently squeeze connector arms and pull tube from housing.

b. Release clamp and empty bag.

c. After emptying, reclamp outlet tube and slide connector into housing until connector arms engage.

Note: If specimen is required, see directions for using urine sample port.

6. Periodic observations of this system should be made to ensure that urine is flowing freely. If a standing column of urine is observed, check for correct positioning of bag and then for a physical obstruction. If correct positioning or removal of physical obstruction does not allow free flow, the bag may have to be changed.

7. if bag is not positioned correctly, urine may bypass the meter and go directly to the bag. Reposition bag as necessary.

Directions for Using Bard EZ-Lok Sampling Port:

Bard EZ-Lok Sampling Port accepts a luer-lock or slip tip syringe.

1. Kink drainage tubing a minimum of 3 inches below the sampling port until urine is visible under the access site.

2. Swab surface of site with antiseptic wipe.

3. Using aseptic technique, position the syringe in the center of the sampling port. The syringe should be held perpendicular to the surface of the sampling port (approx 80-100 degree angle). Press the syringe firmly and twist gently to lock the syringe on to the sampling port. Note: improper penetration technique could cause formation of a drop of urine on the surface of the sampling port. Perodic observation of the sampling port is recommended.

4. Aspirate desired volume of urine.

5. Unkink tubing and send specimen to laboratory.


For urological use only.

Manufactured in Mexico.

Do not reuse. Do not resterilize. 

Sterile unless package is opened or damaged.

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