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AllKare® Adhesive Remover and Protective Barrier Wipes Discontinued by ConvaTec!

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That's right.  We didn't believe it either, but having verified it with several sources including ConvaTec it's official that they will only offer the Sensi-Care line of wipes and sprays.  Perhaps it was too much product overlap that spurred ConvaTec to move on slimming their line of wipes? We are not sure.  We do know that there will be many unhappy ostomates that will either convert to (Sensi-Care sting free barrier and adhesive remover wipes/spray) or move on to a different brand such as 3M's Cavilon No Sting Wipes and Spray (3344, 3346) or Hollister's new Adapt No Sting Protective Wipes 7917.

Adapt Skin Protective Wipes 7917

There's no need to worry too much as there are many, many options in spray and wipe form to take care of sensitive skin.  We encourage trying a few different types to find out what will work best for YOU.  So just to reiterate, ConvaTec is in the process of discontinuing the following products:

AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes 037439 & 037444

AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes 037436 & 037443