12045 Brava Protective Seal, 3/4" Starter Hole, Thick, (10/bx)


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12045 Coloplast Brava® Protective Seals (10/bx)

12045 Brava Protective Seals are moldable rings meant to adhere to and protect the skin around your stoma. They easily shape to fit well over skin with divots, folds, and creases. Also, Brava Protective Seals are easily and cleanly removed with little residue left behind.


  • Starter Hole: 3/4" (18mm)
  • Thickness: THICK (4.2mm)
  • 10/box
  • Ref# 12045

Brava Protective Seals are suitable for people with ileostomies and urostomies with aggressive output. The rings are tacky and stick fast for speedy appliance changes. Also, the rings are suitable for use on children. They come in a variety of sizes with three different diameters and two thicknesses to meet almost any need.