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Marlen Manufacturing Ostomy Supplies

Marlen Manufacturing is one of the oldest manufacturers of ostomy supplies in the United States.  Founded in 1952, it has introduced ostomy products consistently that improve the quality of life of ostomates everywhere.

Drainable 1 or 2-Piece Ostomy Systems

UltraMax Gemini Drainable 2-piece
UltraMax Drainable 1-piece
MaxPlus Drainable 1-piece
SupreFlat Drainable 1-piece
MiniMax Drainable 1-piece
UltraLite Drainable 1-piece

Urostomy 1 or 2-Piece Ostomy Systems

UltraMax Gemini Urostomy 2-piece
UltraMax Urostomy 1-piece
SuperFlat Urostomy 1-piece
UltraLite Urostomy 1-piece

Closed End 1 or 2-Piece Ostomy Systems

UltraMax Gemini Closed End 2-piece
UltraMax Closed End 1-piece
MaxPlus Closed End 1-piece
SuperFlat Closed End 1-piece
UltraLite Closed End 1-piece

 Ostomy Skin Barriers

MaxSeal Protective Barrier Ring
UltraSeal Hydrocolloid Barrier Ring


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