Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy Accessories For Odor Control, Extend Ostomy Appliance Wear Time, Protect Peristomal Skin and More!

Ostomy accessories are those products used in conjunction with a skin barrier and ostomy pouch also known as an ostomy appliance. No two stomas are alike and everyone has a difference ostomy appliance that they prefer. Very popular ostomy accessories include ostomy paste, ostomy rings, and deodorants. Paste is made by all the major manufacturers and can contain alcohol, be alcohol free, and be made of silicone. It all depends on user preference. Ostomy rings also are made of two options, hydrocolloid and silicone. Also, they come in a flat (small and large), convex, oval or small shape. Ostomy deodorants are plentiful and most go right into the ostomy pouch and one option exists to be taken orally and is available without a prescription.

There are all kinds of ostomy accessories and it depends on what type of ostomy you have and if you're dealing with leakage issues, odor, and/or peristomal hernia support.  What used to be some tail closures, tape and liquid pouch deodorant has become a major category in the ostomy product arena.  Parthenon carries the most popular ostomy accessories including Nu-Hope hernia support belts, medical tapes, pouch deodorants, flatulence deodorizer pills, no sting wipes and sprays, citrus based wipes and silicone based wipes/sprays, hydrocolloid strips and rings, crescent shaped strips, karaya powder and paste, cyanoacrylate skin protectant and more! Discount ostomy supplies and wound supplies shipping nationwide.

Ostomy accessories for swimming or bathing are waterproof tapes like Hy-Tape, barrier strips, and Sure Seal Rings.  All of these products used for swimming or bathing will work to keep water from compromising the seal of your skin barrier on your peristomal skin.