Cymed Ostomy Supplies

Cymed ostomy products under brand name Microskin are a popular ostomy appliance line based in California.Cymed Ostomy Products

Cymed Ostomy Company is located in Sacramento, California where it manufactures its popular line of ostomy appliances comprised of such brands as: MicroSkin, MicroDerm Plus, and Ile-sorb ostomy absorbent granule sachets. MicroSkin is used in all Cymed ostomy appliance systems.  It is a transparent hypoallergenic polyurethane film that conforms to the body, is very durable, waterproof, breathable, and transparent.  The MicroDerm washer is available to suit urostomies (MicroDerm Washer) and ileostomies/colostomies (MicroDerm Plus Washer). MicroDerm washers are made of pectin hydrocolloid and protect the peristomal area by absorbing leaks and moisture. Cymed Ostomy can be contacted for samplesl at 1-800-582-0707 or online.