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  • Attiva Flushable Ostomy Pouch Liners FPL-1 (Regular Size)

Attiva Flushable Ostomy Pouch Liners FPL-1 (Regular Size)



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Attiva Flushable Ostomy Pouch Liners (#FPL-1, Size Regular)

Size Regular suitable for pouch openings up to 57mm

Extend ostomy pouch weartime with new and improved Attiva flushable liners

Insert into your ostomy bag before attaching them to the flange. Protect your bag from output and easily empty your bag without a mess.


  • 100 per box
  • Pre-punched vent holes to release gas
  • Specially shaped guards to prevent leakage through the vent holes
  • Double flt heat seals to prevent leakage at the liner perimeter
  • Liners are flushable, increase wear time, have two sizes to choose from and are double heat sealed.
  • Size Regular: Fits pouch openings 45mm (1-3/4") to 57mm (2-1/4")
  • Do not use in septic tanks! For weak flushing toilets or toilets with low water, empty contents of liner into toilet and discard liner.

How to insert the liner

1. With a pin, create 1 or 2 holes in the “shoulders” of the liner, to allow gas to escape the liner. 

2. With dry hands, insert the liner into the pouch opening.

3. Spread open the liner within the pouch by inserting two fingers into the liner opening, and spread the liner out.

4. Position the opening of the liner over the pouch ring, with about 1” of liner remaining outside the pouch.

5. Blow into the liner to open it up, and smooth out any wrinkles around the pouch ring.

6. Attach the pouch with the liner inserted onto the flange / wafer. The exposed portion of the liner should be sandwiched between the flange / wafer and the pouch.

How to remove the liner

1. Pull the liner slightly, but not completely out of the pouch.

2. Grab one corner of the liner and pull it out. The rest of the liner should easily come out now.

3. Flush the liner and its contents down the toilet.



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  1. Quality of life
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2020

    I can't imagine not using these. It's changed the quality of my life in many otherwise challenging ways. You put the liner in the pouch, when it's full you lift the liner out of it, drop it in the toilet and flush. Boom. You're done! Great brand, great price and Parthenon is the best!

  2. Good Product
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Nov 2019

    Makes things so much cleaner and easier.

  3. Keeps the bags nice and clean
    4 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Apr 2019

    a great way to keep your bag cleaner and fresher and it makes things so much nicer at night when I have to dump the bag

  4. Love Love This Product....
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2018

    Easy to use, you don’t have to dump, just take out and flush....awesome product... this is the 2nd order I have placed witn no problems.

  5. Second Review
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2018

    I've been using these pouch liners for over a month now, and I am MORE happy with them than I was at first. These are not only a great value, but they're even easier to use!!! Just ordered 6 more boxes of them so I won't run out, and will order more when I open the last box. Thanks again, Parthenon people!!!

  6. GREAT VALUE!!!!
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Mar 2018

    I had been buying the big-name pouch liners, but their price keeps going up and up and up. So I got to looking around on-line and lo and behold, I discovered The Parthenon Inc. Searched for pouch liners and found these Attiva liners. Got 4 boxes of them and they are TERRIFIC!!!! I am VERY, VERY satisfied with them. They're easy to insert into my pouches and the fit is really good! I save up my pouches for about three days, and then while I watch TV, I line pouches. Works very well for me to always have lined pouches ready to go in my bathroom. Pouch changes are quick and easy. Pull out the used liner, open up the pouch and set it aside so the condensation dries, and snap on a new lined pouch and away you go. Parthenon People, you have a customer for life!!!! Thank you for the quick delivery!!! I am very happy!!!!