Convatec Flexi-Seal Signal FMS Kit


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Convatec Flexi-Seal™ Signal™ FMS Kit

Fexi-Seal FMS fecal management systems are stool containment devices used to redirect fecal matter away from the patient to maintain skin integrity and prevent wound contamination or infection.


  • Dimensions: 223mm H x 237mm W x 70mm D

  • Includes: 1 Soft Silicone Catheter, 1 Syringe, 3 Charcoal Filtered Collection Bags

  • ITem# 418000

Flexi-Seal™ FMS is a temporary containment device, indicated for bedridden or immobilized, incontinent patients with liquid or semi-liquid stool. It is designed to safely and effectively contain and divert fecal matter, protect patients' wounds from fecal contamination and reduce both the risk of skin breakdown and spread of infection.

Flexi-Seal™ Signal™ FMS Kit has a unique Signal indicator pops to assist clinician in determining when retention balloon is filled to appropriate volume (up to 45 mL) to prevent overinflation. Clinical observation has shown that proper inflation minimizes the risk of leakage.


  • SIGNAL Indicator

  • Blue Finger Pocket

  • Enlarged Irrigation Port

  • Versatile Strap & Label Area

  • Charcoal Filtered Bags

  • Smaller Packaging