DURAFIBER Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing


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66800559, 66800560, 66800551
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DURAFIBER Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing

Product SKU and Sizes

  • 66800559  5cm x 5cm (2" x 2") 10/bx
  • 66800560  10cm x 10cm (4" x 4") 10/bx
  • 66800551  10cm x 12cm (4" x 4-3/4") 10/bx


The unique fiber blend of DURAFIBER proivdes a combination of benefits that support your wound and your wallet.  Reduce time for dressing changes with DURAFIBER's clean one piece removal. Effectively manage fluids with a wear time of up to 7 days. Get the most out of each dressing while providing patient comfort with DURAFIBER's comfortable gel matrix and minimal shrinkage of dressing.

The DURAFIBER range is a new generation of high performing gelling fibre dressing designed to meet the many challenges posed by medium and heavily exuding infected and non-infected wounds.  Specially designed with innovative fibre technology, DURAFIBER features a unique non-woven fibre blend that is integral to its high performance. This unique blend provides an exclusive combination of benefits that set DURAFIBER dressings apart from conventional gelling fibre dressings.

What wounds can DURAFIBER be used on?

DURAFIBER can be used to manage chronic and acute full thickness, partial thickness or shallow granulating wounds such as: leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, partial thickness burns, donor sites, surgical and trauma wounds, wounds left to heal by secondary intent, wounds prone to bleeding post debridement. NB DURAFIBER is not designed to be used as a surgical sponge.

How does the construction of DURAFIBER differ to ConvaTec's Aquacel?

With regard to the composition of the two products, both DURAFIBER and Aquacel are composed from 100% cellulose base fibres. The difference between the two products lies in the way in which these base fibres are modified to produce a dressing with gelling and absorbency properties.  Convatec modifies the base cellulose fibres by carboxymethylation to produce a carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) based dressing which is capable of transforming into a gel and absorbing exudate.

Convatec have intellectual property protection that prevents other manufacturers from using CMC fibres in wound dressings of this type. With DURAFIBER, Smith & Nephew have developed an alternative way of modifiying the base cellulose fibres, namely ethyl sulphonation. This process produces a cellulose ethyl sulphonate (CES) based dressing which is similarly capable of transforming into a gel and absorbing exudate.

Does DURAFIBER work in the same way as Aquacel?

DURAFIBER is a non woven gelling fibre dressing which has been designed to provide comparable performance to Aquacel with the result that it forms a soft cohesive gel on contact with fluid; conforms to the wound bed; locks in absorbed fluid and bacteria and prevents the lateral spread of fluid so minimising the risk of peri wound maceration.

What benefits does DURAFIBER offer compared to Aquacel?

Compared to standard Aquacel, DURAFIBER has also been designed to offer over three and a half times better wet strength - gelled strength is important for facilitating easy one piece dressing removal 1,2,22, over 30% better absorbency - dressing absorbency is important for ensuring effective fluid management and 43% less dressing shrinkage - minimal shrinkage is key to achieving sustained wound bed coverage.