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Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant 10/Box

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Product Description

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant (10 per box)

Marathon skin protects and heals weepy broken down skin. The no-sting formula lasts days between applications and protects sensitive skin from maceration caused by moisture exposure common in people with colostomies, ileostomies, urostomies, and sensitive skin around wounds may heal.

Simply put, Marathon skin prep is a medical grade glue that bonds to skin and provides protection. Marathon is non-cytotoxic and a cyanoacrylate based monomer used to create a protective layer over the skin.

Marathon skin protectant bonds to the skin surface and integrates with the epidermis as the cyanoacrylate polymerizes at the molecular level while supporting the natural integrity of the skin. It provides higher strength and higher resistance to washoff than other thin film barriers. Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is resistant to external moisture, yet it allows the skin to breathe.

Product Details:

  • 10 per box (0.5 g per ampule)
  • 3 day wear time
  • Cyanoacrylate protectant
  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Protects from friction
  • Protects from moisture (urine, exudate, sweat, and other bodily fluids) that can cause maceration
  • Use on intact or damaged skin
  • Fast drying and breathable
  • Marathon shows greater protective capabilities than 3M® Cavilon® against corrosive fluids(synthetic urine) and wash-off*
  • Indications: damaged skin, fragile skin, periwound skin and peristomal skin
  • Contraindicated for second or third degree burns, infected areas and directly to the wound bed or to deep puncture wounds.
  • Change frequency is up to 3 days, reapply as needed. *Test data on file (independent lab).

How To Apply Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant:

1.  Remove applicator from package.  Hold upright and firmly squeeze to crush inner tube. Turn applicator upside down.

2.  Apply a thin coating of Marathon over the affected area.

3.  Allow to dry thoroughly before covering with any dressings, adhesive products or clothing.


  • Do Not apply directly to deep, open, or bleeding wounds. 
  • Do Not apply to chronic wounds (persistent or unhealing wounds).
  • Do Not apply to second or third degree burns.
  • Do Not apply to infected areas.

Other Information On Marathon Protectant

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant Minimizes friction and reduces the risk of developing skin tears

  • Creates a strong physical barrier against abrasive forces.
  • Also recommended for damaged skin to protect against further breakdown.
  • Can be applied to pressure points to avoid the effects of friction which can reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant Protects skin from prolonged exposure to moisture, which weakens and damages the skin surface and makes it more susceptible to breakdown.

  • Incontinence: Marathon should be used on at-risk areas such as the sacrum, buttocks and groin area.
  • Stomas and drain sites: Helps protect the area around stomas and drain sites from breakdown caused by body fluids, exudate and the effect of adhesives.

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant Maintains skin surface cell integrity

  • Healed wounds never attain the same breaking strength (the tension at which skin breaks) as uninjured skin.
  • Applying Marathon to the skin once it has closed should help protect it and maintain integrity.



Other No Sting skin protectants include 3m Cavilon wipes, Smith Nephew No Sting Wipes, and Safe n Simple No Sting Wipes.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great product!
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2020

    This product is great for healing irritated skin especially if you have an ostomy. It was highly recommended by my ostomy nurse and I would recommend using as well. This product saves me from having to visit the nurse in the surgeon’s office.

  2. Marathon generally is great
    4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jan 2020

    Marathon is a good product that protects my skin and I like that. The down side is the flow of the product out if the tube is not consistent

  3. strange stuff
    4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2019

    It goes on leaving a rough surface. You do have to hold it down for an hour at first. It seems to want to not stick when you first change your bag. Once it's on strong, then usually I can get 4-7 days out of it. But I have also wasted this very expensive stuff having to change the bag twice in one day. I had hoped to get away from that. Once you change the bag, the prep is very hard to get off. I have to use my thumb nail to dig it off. I tried leaving it on and cleaning well and applying more over it. Does not work. So I like it when it works, but not when it doesn't.

  4. Marathon skin protectant
    4 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Feb 2019

    I find the Marathon tubes are very hard to crack open. Once open, it goes on easily and works quite well. Good Product

  5. Healed pressure sore
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jun 2018

    Stage 2 pressure sore healed after using 7 individual sized tubes in 24 days.

  6. to expensive
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2018

    It does work but I have to change my appliance every other day and so cannot afford to use it much.

  7. Best Skin Protectant
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Aug 2017

    My wound care nurse recommended Marathon for my ostomy. I no longer worry about my skin degrading now that I am using Marathon.

  8. I need to stock up!
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2017

    I love Marathon. it's one of the best skin protective type products i've used. i wish it were in a wipe or spray form, that's my only complaint.

  9. Marathon skin protectant
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Dec 2016

    I wish they made this in a wipe or spray. The ampule is not very economical as I don't always need that much. This stuff is awesome and keeps my skin protected and healthy.

  10. Love this product!
    5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2016

    After several months of changing my fistula bag close to everyday, sometimes three times a day due to damage skin where the bag would just not adhere. My wound care nurse told me of this product. I tries it and was amazed the bag lasted for three days and when it was ready to be removed the skin below had almost completely healed, second application was just as effective with skin getting better and better. My insurance does not cover this product, they keep substituting with a less effective product (for me) so I purchase these on my own. I feel its the best $61.00 I could spend and is well worth it, peace of mind. I can now make plans to go places instead of worrying whether the bag is going to spring a leak