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Hollister Ostomy Supplies

Hollister's history dates back to 1921 when John Dickinson Schneider started a printing company called JDS Printer Craftsman.  JDS did well through the hollister.gif1920's and 30's with a philosophy of quality service and products.  A customer by the name of Franklin C. Hollister Company had JDS print heirloom quality birth certificates and things went well enough for John to purchase the Hollister name in 1948 and start a new path into the medical product industry.  During the 1950's and 60's Hollister developed a variety of products such as the Identa-A Band patient identification bracelet.  This help establish standards for patient ID in the United States.  Also, the Disposable Footprinter allowed nurses to easily take prints of newborn babies' feet.  Hollister also went on to create an umbilical cord clamp, circumcision device and a hospital signage system.  The company prospered with innovation and a strong sense of family within the organization.  Not until the 1960's did Hollister move into the ostomy industry and an employee came to John with the idea to consider developing ostomy products.  This would forever influence Hollister's future.  By introducing new and improved ostomy pouching systems and solutions for ostomy patients as well as wound dressings, Hollister quickly distinguished itself from competitors.  In 1965, it established its production center in Kirksville, MO with its corporate headquarters in Chicago, IL.  By the early 1970's Hollister was completely out of the printing business.  Success followed Hollister and two new plants were built in Stuarts Draft, VA  and Ballina Ireland.  In 1977, John Schneider created a private trust that would enable Hollister to persist as an independent, employee owned company. The company headquarters is now in Libertyville, IL.  The company has expanded beyond the US by acquiring Dansac A/S an ostomy company in Denmark.  Now Hollister services the ostomy, wound care, continence, and MotherBaby communities. Hollister Incorporated is a privately held company servicing a global community.