120427 Brava Moldable Ostomy Rings, (10/bx)


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120427 Coloplast Brava Moldable Ring (10/bx)

Brava moldable rings are an essential ostomy accessory  used to even out the skin around the stoma. Use Brava rings to fill in dips and crevices to get a secure fit with your ostomy appliance.


  • SKU# 120427
  • Size: 4.2 mm (THICK)  120427
  • 10 per box
  • Evens out the skin around the stoma and provides a secure foundation for the ostomy appliance.
  • Provides a tight seal between the stoma and the appliance
  • Easy to handle, mold and apply
  • HCPCS: A4385

Brava Moldable ostomy rings.  A Brava mouldable ring is used to create a tight seal between the stoma and the ostomy appliance, thereby protecting the skin against stoma output.  The Brava™ Mouldable Ring features a strengthened formulation that delivers longer-lasting protection against leakage, because it is designed to be the most durable ostomy ring enabling it to maintain a tighter fit. It is easy to use can be moulded to fit your body shape.  These devices can be used to fill in gaps or creases around the stoma to provide a seal. Brava rings can tighten the fit against the skin by helping to create a mild convex (curved) shape to enhance a flat skin barrier or by making a convex skin barrier more convex. They are easy to handle and remove, and they are alcohol-free so they will not sting. Most importantly, they provide added protection to the skin.  Other Coloplast products that help reduce ostomy leakage include Brava™ Elastic Barrier Strips and the Brava™ Strip Paste.


How To Use Brava Moldable Ring - Coloplast's Answer to Eakin's Cohesive Seal





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