120700 Brava Elastic Barrier Strips - Crescent (20/bx)


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120700 Brava Elastic Barrier Strips (20/bx)

Brava Elastic Barrier Strips  (ref# 120700) support longer wear time by ensuring that the edges of your ostomy barrier won't roll up. They have improved elastic characteristics to follow the contours of your body to ensure the position of the skin barrier and to minimize the edges of rolling up. This is a great alternative to tape that will be easier on your skin! Also, Brava Elastic Barrier Strips contain hydrocolloid which acts to absorb moisture and contain any leaks.

Product Details:

  • 20 per box
  • Crescent shaped
  • Each crescent strip measures 5-1/2" in length
  • Ideal for round or oval barrier shapes
  • HCPCS: A4362

You may have healthy peristomal skin free of divots and scars, but there is always the possibility of your ostomy appliance being faulty by not adhering well or being prone to leaks. Some ostomates have more than one surgery that will leave the skin around the stoma with scars, divots, redness and irritation. This creates a challenge to keep skin healthy from the start! Brava elastic barrier strips are not essential, but will help keep you ostomy bag and skin barrier on your skin extending wear time and will help protect compromised skin.  In addition, moving about throughout the day will make skin barriers not stick as well. We're not talking sports even, just easy movements like bending over to tie shoelaces, twisting to reach, or simple shifting around while sleeping. Brava elastic barrier strips can be used to keep your barrier on and sealed during daily activities. Some people use tapes like Hy-Tape and Micropore paper tape to picture frame their appliance, but tapes sometimes don't stick well and skin allergies are common which can easily lead to redness and excoriation. Even wearing appliance belts that clip onto the belt tabs can add tension to the barrier which will pull on it to come off the skin. In all of these instances Brava elastic barrier strips can extend wear time and help with leaks. If anything brava strips could be an emergency item in your "tool kit." 

Brava Elastic Barrier Strip Instructions For Use

  1. Apply around the edges of the barrier to minimize roll-up and provide extra security.
  2. Coloplast's Brava Elastic Tape is used to hold the ostomy skin barrier or base plate in place for extra security and to extend ostomy appliance wear time.  Each strip is five and one half inches (5-1/2") long.  Skin-friendly strips provide extra security and support longer wear-time of an ostomy appliance. Skin-friendly and Latex-Free. 
  3. Tape and barrier strips are used to hold an ostomy skin barrier in place for extra security and longer wear time. Brava™ Elastic Barrier Strips are designed to keep your ostomy barrier securely in place while still allowing you freedom of movement – all thanks to their elasticity. So even if you’re stretching for something on the top shelf or bending down to tie your shoe, you can rest assured that the Brava™ Elastic Barrier Strips will move with your body and keep your appliance firmly in place. This can translate to greater security and longer wear-time for your ostomy appliance.

Storage of Brava Strips: Keep away from sunlight. Store products horizontally in cool and dry conditions. Not to be stored under freezing conditions. Allow product to return to room temperature before use.




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  • 4
    very good

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Mar 2019

    They go on easy and come off easy . I have been using ostomy appliances for 25 years, very active, continuously looking for new and better products. Expensive

  • 5
    Excellent Product

    Posted by Rebecca Kroll on 28th Jul 2018

    I am an ostomy nurse and have found this product helpful in keeping an ostomy barrier flat against the skin and to provide an additional layer of protection for potential leakage. Generally skin friendly for most.

  • 5
    Brava elastic barrier strip

    Posted by P.J. on 21st Sep 2017

    I was skeptical about using this as it seemed like another accessory they were trying to get me to buy. I've long used tapes like micropore, hytape but sometimes my skin would get irritated from their use. So i tried the brava strips and found them to be great. No more rolling up of edges of my barrier and theyre made of stuff that is absorbent so if i have a leak they will at least suck up some of it until i can get somewhere to clean up.

  • 4
    Essential ostomy accessory

    Posted by E. Rasmussen on 10th Jul 2017

    So I've always struggled to keep the edges of my barrier from rolling up. I have tried tapes and they either don't stick or feel like i'm wearing a rigid medical version of duct tape. Coloplast's brava elastic barrier strips (crescent shaped) work very well to keep my edges down, extend pouch wear time and even control leaks. It's a pretty great product and relatively cheap.

  • 5
    EBS for life

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2017

    coloplast brava crescent strips work great on or underneath my skin barrier depending on what I need at the moment. thin, easy to use, inexpensive. hard to improve on that. these really increase my ostomy bag wear time

  • 5
    Leak proof barrier

    Posted by Rachel Neault on 3rd Nov 2016

    I use these all the time and they are great. I've had an ileostomy for over 50 yrs. and need something gentle but also sturdy and these fit perfectly. Prevents leakage better than anything I've ever used.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Sep 2015

    This products helps extend the life of your ostomy pouch by an added layer of protection when leaks begin. No longer am I having to change my pouch immediately after a leak is detected, in fact on occasion I've gotten up to 2 weeks life out of one pouch.

  • 5
    Brava straight barrier strip

    Posted by Lois M Eckley on 15th May 2015

    It has been a miricle for me. I was having awful problems with the patch leaking underneath for no apparent reason. No change in the process of appying it, no new products used, just happened. Tape doesn't stick well on me! BUT these strips sure do stick well. Hard to remove even. thanks Coloplast. It pays to advertise!