15533 SenSura 1-Piece Wide Outlet Drainable Ostomy Pouch (20/bx)


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15531 Coloplast SenSura One-Piece Wide Outlet Drainable Pouches (20/bx)

  • Pre-Cut 1-1/4"
  • Opaque
  • With Filter
  • Standard wear
  • FLAT
  • Maxi
  • 20 per box
  • HCPCS: A4424

This SenSura® One-Piece ileostomy bag combines the unique double-layer adhesive with new ostomy bag features, offering a solution that gives you security, comfort and discretion. Featuring a large-size drainable pouch with new wave filter and a soft cloth back. Thisp ouch offers a unique double-layered adhesive designed to meet five core needs. The lower layer provides absorption and moisture balance, while the upper layer is erosion resistant. It also offers optimal adhesion, flexibility and ease of removal. Transparent; latex-free.

  • The double-layer adhesive is skin friendly and resistant to erosion from stoma output and body fluids, offering security and skin protection.
  • Clear, blue cutting guides in relevant sizes makes it easier to cut the adhesive accurately to ensure a safe seal around your stoma.
  • The removal ear makes it easy to remove the adhesive without leaving residue on the skin.
  • The bag has an integrated wave filter that allows the air to flow, keeping your bag discreet.
  • The soft, nonwoven fabric is strong and water repellent.
  • The inspection window makes it easier to place the adhesive correctly and to check the condition of the stoma when needed.
  • The outlet is easy to empty and clean.
  • EasiClose™ Wide outlet can be folded up and hidden away without the need for bulky clips, offering a comfortable, secure and easy-to-use solution.
  • The bag can be folded up and secured in its own pocket to be half its size.


Securing an ostomy pouch can be a challenge and is done with tape usually.  Coloplast recently introduced Brava Elastic Barrier Strips to hold the ostomy skin barrier or base plate in place for extra security and to extend ostomy appliance wear time.  Each strip is five and one half inches (5-1/2") long.  Skin-friendly strips provide extra security and support longer wear-time of an ostomy appliance. Elastic follows the contours of your body. Ensures the position of your barrier and minimizes roll-up. Skin-friendly and Latex-Free.