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1626W Tegaderm Transparent Dressing 4" x 4-3/4", EACH

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Product Description

1626w Tegaderm Transparent Dressing (EACH)

  • 4" x 4-3/4"
  • Waterproof
  • Latex-free
  • Sold by the EACH

Used Tegaderm to cover and provide protection for wounds and catheter sites, to preserve a good wound healing environment, and to secure devices to the skin. 3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing Picture Frame Style is used to cover and secure IV sites to protect at-risk skin or as a primary or secondary dressing over acute wounds, surgical sites and chronic wounds. It conforms to the body and flex with skin for greater patient comfort. Frame style allows customization of shape and size to fit any site.

Benefits of 3M Tegaderm™ Transparent Film Dressing Include:

  • Waterproof, sterile barrier: protects the I.V. site or wound from external contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, blood and body fluids. In vitro testing shows that the transparent film provides a viral barrier from viruses 27 nm in diameter or larger while the dressing remains intact without leakage.
  • Breathable film lets oxygen in and moisture vapor out.
  • Just the right balance in adhesive strength: Tegaderm™ Brand dressings are made with a hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive that is gentle to the skin yet securely holds catheters and other devices in place.
  • Conformable: dressing flexes with skin for greater patient comfort.

How To Apply Tegaderm Dressings

Choose a Tegaderm dressing large enough to have a one inch margin of adherence on dry, healthy skin around the catheter site.  Trim excess hair where dressing will be placed to improve wear time.

Step 1: Prep the catheter site according to your facility’s protocol. Let all prep solutions dry completely. Remove the liner from the dressing, exposing the adhesive surface of the dressing. NOTE: For dressings with the center window, remove and discard the center window before removing the liner.

Step 2: Center the transparent portion of the dressing over the insertion site. Press the transparent portion of the dressing into place. Do not stretch the dressing during application.

Step 3: While slowly peeling off the paper frame, smooth down the dressing edges with your fingertips.

Step 4: Next, smooth down the dressing from the center toward the edges, using firm pressure.

Step 5: Stabilize extensions and label dressing according to your facility’s protocol.

How To Remove Tegaderm Dressings

Step 1: Remove any tape strips applied to the top of the dressing. If removing the dressing, remove tape strips toward the insertion site. To leave the dressing intact, remove tape strips away from the insertion site.

Step 2: To aid in lifting a dressing edge, use the documentation label or secure a piece of medical tape to one corner and rub firmly.

Step 3: Support the skin and catheter with your fingers while removing the dressing

Step 4: Low and slow: using the label or tape tab, slowly peel the dressing from the skin. Fold the dressing back over itself rather than pulling it up from the skin. Remove the dressing from the hub toward the insertion site. Or, Stretch release: grasp one edge of the dressing and gently pull it straight out to stretch and release adhesion.



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