2400, 2401 Nu-Hope Adhesive Cement

Nu-Hope Laboratories

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2400, 2401
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2400, 2401 Nu-Hope Skin Adhesive Cement (contains natural rubber)

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NuHope Liquid Adhesive Product Information

  • Dries to a durable and tacky surface in minutes. Creates a strong bond and gives a longer wearing time.
  • Excellent additional aid for problem situations such as oily skin, perspiration problems, scar lines, skin wrinkles, poorly located stomas.
  • Repels effluent without having to remove adhesive or to start over.
  • Protects skin from urine if opening in pouch is larger than actual stoma size.
  • When applied thinly, adhesive will dry to a tacky surface in a few minutes and will be durable and safe.
  • Remove from skin by cleaning with warm water and soap.
  • Waterproof
  • HCPCS: A4464

Type: A natural rubber base, pressure sensitive adhesive

Properties: Waterproof - will protect exposed skin from urine or fluids.  The adhesive will remain tacky for days, even if urine or stool spills on it.

Indications For Use: To obtain a better bond to the skin because of skin oils, scar tissue, poor stoma location, and/or heavy activity.

How To Use Nu-Hope Adhesive Cement:

1. Stir adhesive before use.
2. Remove excess adhesive from dauber by rolling the dauber against the inside mouth of the bottle. The dauber should look like there is no adhesive on it after rolling.
3. Clean skin with warm water only. Use adhesive on healthy skin only. Do not use on broken skin.
4. Apply a very thin film of adhesive starting at the base of the stoma. Circle around until the skin area that needs extra adhesion has been coated and appears to have a sheen.  It should not look gummy. Any blobs of adhesive could cause skin irritation. Do not apply twice - thick applications can take hours to dry and could cause irritation.
5. Dry for 3-5 minutes. A hair dryer on a cool setting is helpful. Any ostomy spillage can be cleansed with a paper towel. To clean, use a light brushing stroke. Do not press. The skin will remain tacky after lightly cleansed.
6. Apply pouch.

Helpful Hints for Nu-Hope Adhesive Cement:

  • Do not use soaps that contain oils, lanolin, or creams because they may leave a residue on the skin.

  • Do not apply skin prep, cream, ointment, or powder unless advised to do so by your ostomy nurse.

  • For oily skin, 70% isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean off skin oil.

  • Apply only one application of adhesive. Thick applications of adhesive will take hours to dry thoroughly and can result in skin irritation.

  • Do not apply adhesive to a new pouch as the resulting thick layer can take 24 hours to dry.

  • Any adhesive that is applied beyond the pouch seal may be dusted with powder or covered with tape to stop the tack.

  • Choose a quiet time to change the pouch.

    • Urostomy: best to change on arising before any beverage consumption. Have plenty of absorbent wicks to place over stoma during pouch change. 

    • Fecal Ostomy: best to change before eating & drinking or two hours after a meal.