421822 Esteem® + One Piece Closed End Ostomy Pouch (30/bx)


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421822 Esteem® + One Piece Closed End Ostomy Pouch (30/bx)


  • 30 per box
  • Opaque with easy view window
  • Precut Stoma size: 1-9/16" (40mm)
  • Without tape collar
  • Modified Stomahesive (standard wear)
  • Pouch Length: 8"
  • Filter (filter covers included)
  • HCPCS: A4416

Esteem® + One piece system is the all in one solution that combines the baseplate and pouch in a single unit, allowing for a simple, secure and comfortable experience. Modified stomahesive® baseplate that gently adheres to skin and protects it from break down.

  • A state of the art filter with anti clogging film layers: These prolong the life of the pouch, keep the pouch flat and virtually eliminate odor.
  • Soft and quiet materials: These resist water and dry quickly the shape is streamlined for added comfort and discretion.
  • With two sided comfort panel.