78500 Adapt Lubricating Deodorant (8 oz)


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78500 Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant 8 ounce

Adapt lubricating deodorant neutralizes and lubricates ostomy pouch contents.


  • SKU: 78500
  • 8 oz. bottle
  • Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant goes into the ostomy pouch to deodorize fecal matter and lubricate it as the pouch is emptied.  It does not degrade ostomy seals. Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant liquid is clear so it will not stain clothing or carpet.
  • HCPCS: A4394
  • Lubrication eases emptying and helps prevent pouch static and sticking
  • Deodorant works by neutralizing the odor; not a perfume or masking agent


How To Use Hollister Adapt Lubricating Deodorant:

For Drainable Ostomy Pouches
1. Apply pouch.
2. Bottle: add approximately 5ml or 1 tsp.
    Packet: add the complete contents of the packet.
    Close the pouch in the normal manner.
3. Rub to thoroughly coat the inside of the pouch
    Repeat Steps 1 and 2 after every emptying.

For Closed Pouches
1. Do not remove release paper on barrier to add product.
2. Bottle: add approximately 5ml or 1tsp.
    Packet: add the complete contents of the packet. Apply your pouch.
3. Rub to thoroughly coat the inside of the pouch.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does it matter if the Adapt Lubricating Deodorant comes in contact with the filter on the pouch?
A: When coating the inside of the pouch, it is best to avoid the filter.

Q: Is Adapt Lubricating Deodorant covered by Medicare?
A: Yes, Adapt Lubricating Deodorant is billed per ounce using code A4394 (Ostomy deodorant for use in ostomy pouch, liquid). Medicare has not published a usual maximum quantity for this code. Both the 8 oz. bottle and 8 ml packets are billed using the same code. When billing the bottle, 8 units of A4394 will be billed. When using the packets (50 per box), 13 units of A4394 will be billed.

Q: Do I need to use the Adapt Lubricating Deodorant every time I empty my pouch?
A: Yes. For the product to work effectively, it must be reinserted each time your pouch is drained.

Q: Can I just put a few drops in the bottom of my pouch and not rub it against the sides of the pouch?
A: No, this is not recommended since it will not be effective as a pouch lubricant or as a pouch deodorant. Rubbing the pouch helps to coat the inside of the pouch film.

Q: Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to use a cooking spray instead to coat the inside of my pouch?
A: This is not recommended because cooking oil may cause the seal of your pouch to fail. Also, cooking oil sprays do not eliminate odor. In addition, Adapt Lubricating Deodorant is reimbursed by many insurance companies as a pouch deodorant which makes it more cost effective to use than cooking oil.

Q: The 8 ounce bottle is not convenient to take into a public restroom.  Is there a smaller bottle available?
A: Adapt Lubricating Deodorant is also available in single-use packets.  This is much more discrete and convenient when you are away from home.

Q: It doesn’t have a scent. How do I know it is working?
A: Adapt Lubricating Deodorant is not a perfume or a fragrance used to mask or cover-up odors. It does not have any odor by itself, but it will trap odors in the pouch.

Q: Can the Adapt Lubricating Deodorant come in contact with the stoma?
A: Yes, it has been tested and it will not harm your stoma.

Q: What if Adapt Lubricating Deodorant comes in contact with my skin?
A: This product is not a skin irritant. It is water soluble so it will easily be removed from the skin with a moist cloth.

Also available in a convenient "travel" packet size!  Stock# 78501


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  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2016

    Product helps keep output from pancaking around stoma lessoning chance of leaking. Allows output to slide to the bottom of the pouch and deodorizing at the same time. I use this every time I empty my pouch. I use the product in the bottle at home and the travel packets otherwise.