Coloplast Filtrodor Ostomy Pouch Filter 50/pkg


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Coloplast Filtrodor® Pouch Filter, Charcoal-activated, Self-sealing Foam Center

Filtrodor ® Pouch Filter are charcoal pouch filters that will adhere to pouch for added protection against ostomy-related odors. Easy to apply and remove.

  • Self-sealing foam center adheres to any pouch.
  • Charcoal-activated deodorizing filter.
  • 50 per package
  • HCPCS: A4368

Instructions for Use

1. Remove Filtrodor from the sheet inside the packaging.

2. Place Filtroodor ostomy pouch filter carefully in the outside upper corner of the ostomy bag.  Press firmly to ensure complete adhesion.

3. Use the enclosed pin for punching a hole in the bag through the center hole of the filter. Be careful not to punch through both layers of the ostomy bag.  This is avoided by keeping surfaces separated. Insert finger into appliance through the stoma hole to separate inner bag surfaces under filter placement area.


Number of holes to be punched: The Filtrodor ostomy pouch filters enable you to regulate the quantity of intestinal gas escaping from the ostomy pouch.  Start by punching only 1 hole by use of the enclosed pin. If a large quantity of gas still remains in the bag then punch 2 holes in the next bag. It is possible that your flatus production rate makes it necessary for you to punch more than 2 holes in the bag.  After some practice you will easily find out how many holes are required to meet your individual need. 

Like most ostomy supplies, do not re-use Filtrodor pouch filters.

Another ostomy pouch deodorant with charcoal is DevKo deodorant tablets.