DuoDERM Signal Dressing


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410510, 410501, 403332, 403333, 403326, 403327, 403328
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DuoDERM Signal® Dressing

410510, 4.5" x 7.5" (oval), 5 dressings per box

410501, 8" x 9" (sacral), 5 dressings per box

410500, 7.5" x 8" (Heel), 5 dressings per box

403332, 6" x 7" (Triangle), 5 dressings per box

403333, 8" x 9" (Triangle), 5 dressings per box

403326, 4" x 4" (Square), 5 dressings per box

403327, 5.5" x 5.5" (Square), 5 dressings per box

403328, 8" x 8" (Square), 5 dressings per box

DuoDERM Signal® dressing is an adhesive, tapered edge, modern hydrocolloid wound dressing with a change indicator. It incorporates a unique ConvaTec hydrocolloid formulation that distinguishes it from other hydrocolloid dressings. The adhesive hydrocolloid matrix and the outer film on DuoDERM Signal® dressing is permeable by moisture vapor and provides an occlusive barrier against bacteria, viruses, dirt and water. DuoDERM Signal® Dressing is indicated for the management of lightly to moderately exuding wounds.

ConvaTec's DuoDERM Signal® Dressing combines the convenience of a visual indicator to signal the proper time to change the dressing, along with the added feature of tapered edges to reduce rolling and bunching up.  Both features offer the benefit of potentially reducing premature dressing removals.  Fewer dressing removals can produce increased cost effectiveness, as well as reduced pain for the patient and reduced disruption to the wound bed.  Thinner than DuoDERM® CGF and Border dressings, and SignaDRESS®; leading to improved translucency and ability to monitor the wound.  The DuoDERM Signal® Dressing consists of a flexible, polyurethane film outer layer and adhesive skin contact layer that contains a unique hydrocolloid composition.  This provides an optimal moist wound environment that is supportive of the healing process.  The outer layer is a nonstaining, moisture-resistant surface that is easy to clean, and provides a viral and bacterial barrier while intact and without leakage.  DuoDERM Signal® Dressing can be used as a primary dressing, and is a highly effective secondary dressing for use over wound fillers.