Hollister Restore® Extra Thin Dressing 519921, 4" x 4", 5/bx


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Hollister Restore® Extra Thin Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing 4" x 4"

  • 5 dressings per box
  • HCPCS A6234


Hollister's wound hydrocolloid wound dressings are composed of materials like gelatin, pectin and caroxymethylcellulose that provide a moist healing environment and adhere to the skin around the wound.  According to the Hollister Wound Care dressing selection guide, a hydrocolloid dressing is recommended for use on Suspected Deep Tissue Injuries (DTI) and Shallow Pressure Ulcers. 

Learn more about Suspected Deep Tissue Injuries (DTI) and Shallow Pressure Ulcers

Product Benefits:

  • Thin Semi-Occlusive Dressing with Flexible Backing
  • Keeps a Moist Wound Environment
  • Manages Minimal Exudate in Shallow Wounds
  • Protects Skin from Friction Injury
  • includes Disposable Wound Measuring Guide