Hy-Tape Pink Tape (2 inch x 5 yards)


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Hy-Tape Original Pink Tape 2 inches x 5 yards

  • 2" x 5 yds
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Latex-free
  • Zinc Oxide Based

When Hy-Tape secures ostomy, urostomy and colostomy pouches, patients can resume normal activities like bathing, showering or even swimming without breach or leaking. The Hy-Tape® Original Pink Tape is thin, flexible and can be applied to wet or oily skin without slipping or detaching. Conform easily to body contours and accommodates underlying tissue expansion or shrinkage. Its zinc oxide based adhesive formula is soothing to delicate skin.

  • Washable.
  • Leaves little or no residue after adhesive has been removed.
  • Adheres to wet, oily or hairy skin.
  • Conforms easily to all body contours.
  • Protective nature is perfect for extended wear.
  • Bulk Packaging.

Hy-Tape is latex-free

Patients and health care providers with latex allergies can feel confident that Hy-Tape will provide maximum performance with no adhesive related reactions.

Hy-Tape is skin-friendly
Hy-Tape's zinc oxide-based adhesive is soothing to delicate skin, and removes with minimum trauma, thereby reducing the chance of skin tears and tape burns. Hy-Tape eliminates the need for skin prep, and its thermal adhesion properties provide maximum adhesion at body temperature without becoming stickier as acrylic-based adhesive tapes do. Hy-Tape is perfect for extended-wear adhering securely to wet, oily or hairy skin. It removes easily without discomfort or irritation, leaving little or no residue. With Hy-Tape, skin stays healthy and intact.

Hy-Tape conforms easily
Thin, flexible and elastic, Hy-Tape conforms to body contours, easily accommodating underlying tissue expansion or shrinkage.

Hy-Tape is waterproof and washable
Hy-Tape provides complete security even when exposed to moisture from external sources or the skin itself. Able to adhere to both wet and oily skin without slipping or detaching, Hy-Tape wipes clean with soap and water for increased wear-time.

Hy-Tape is occlusive
Hy-Tape is able to resist soiling from secretions because of its superior occlusive properties.

Hy-Tape has thermal properties
Hy-Tape has the unique quality of providing maximum adhesion when it reaches body temperature, without getting stickier or breaking down over time as acrylic-based adhesive tapes do.

Hy-Tape is cost-effective
Hy-Tape saves time by eliminating the need for skin prep and dramatically reducing the need for dressing changes. Less dressing changes also mean less tape use over time. Reduced skin tearing and extended wear times promote better healing with less susceptibility to infection.


Provided by Hy-Tape International

Wearing Time of Ostomy Pouch

E. is a 27-year-old woman with an ileostomy due to Crohn's Disease. She is an active full-time student and avid sports enthusiast. Because of her outdoor sports activities, including swimming, hiking in warm weather, and fishing in streams, the average wearing time of her pouch was 1.5 days. Her skin became irritated from wet, non-waterproof tape and frequent pouch changes.

Moisture, heat, and physical activity put extra stress on any pouching system. Additional moisture from humidity and perspiration can macerate healthy skin. Most other tapes used to reinforce ostomy pouches are not waterproof and are difficult to remove when wet. Skin may be torn when the adhesive is pulled from the skin.

In temperatures ranging from 85-97 degrees Fahrenheit, E. engaged in outdoor sports and conducted a trial of Hy-Tape®. Her goal was to extend the pouch wearing time with an adhesive that would be more gentle on her skin.

Hy-Tape®, The Original Pink Tape®, was applied in a picture frame fashion over the adhesive and skin barrier backing of the pouching system. This additional securing tape increased pouch wearing time from 1.5 days to 3-4 days. When the tape was removed, the skin was intact, healthy, and not irritated or itchy. E. was able to shower and swim frequently while the Hy-Tape® remained securely attached. One of the main advantages of Hy-Tape® is its ability to adhere to wet, oily, or hairy skin and conform to body contours. The zinc oxide adhesive soothes the skin and the tape is easily removed. E. feels more secure when engaging in physical activity under moist, humid conditions. In her case, the pouch remained in place and the skin under the Hy-Tape® remained healthy and intact.

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  • 5
    Stay dry

    Posted by Martha Byers on 17th Mar 2018

    Hy-tape 2" is the only tape that keeps my colostomy bag dry when I cover it to take a shower. Which is wonderful not having to worry about me or my colostomy bag anymore.

  • 5

    Posted by Martha Byers on 30th Sep 2017

    I have used other tape to help keep me dry when taking a shower. They didn't work well. But I tried the Hy-tape and now I enjoy the comfort of knowing I don't have to worry about anything any more.

  • 5
    Secure and Dependable

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2016

    My elderly father had to have an ostomy. He was having difficulty with the bag staying fully secured. After searching an ostomy website, I learned about Hy-tape. I purchased it for him and it solved all of his problems. It is very strong, but gentle on the skin.