Medifil II Collagen Particles, 1 g Vial

Human Biosciences Inc.

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Medifil™ II Particles

  • Purchased by the each
  • Each vile contains 1 gram
  • HCPCS: A6010

Medifil™ II Particles are spherically designed particles that consist of 100% bovine, native collagen. Each gram of Kollagen particle absorbs approximately 40 to 60 times its weight in fluid. The particles' smaller diameter provides excellent contact and increases the rate of absorption, allowing improved recovery of wounds. Specifically indicated for deep, tunneling wounds with minimal to moderate exudate.

  • Collagen technology represents one of the most promising breakthroughs in wound healing.
  • By mimicking the body's own collagen, these Type I fibrillar bovine collagen particles help to create a biological response, attracting the cellular components necessary to stimulate the healing process.
  • They stop bleeding as they bind to specific receptor sites, aid in wound cleansing and the establishment of new tissue and blood vessels, and create a structural matrix for healing.
  • Medifil Particles is indicated for undermined/tunneled,infected/contaminated, deep cavity, surgical and traumatic wounds that are draining.

How To use Medifil II Particles

Step 1: Prepare the wound bed

Irrigate wound with sterile water or saline until free of debris using controlled pressure so as not to cause new trauma to the wound.
  • Blot wound edges dry
  • If desired, apply an ointment/cream to the wound margin and also apply a topical medication to the wound bed (if needed).
Step 2: Application of Medifil II Particles
Apply Medifil II Particles to cover the wound surface:
Minimally Draining Wounds- Light sprinkle of Medifil to cover wound bed
Moderately Draining Wounds- Cover wound bed 1/4" to 1/8" deep with Medifil particles
Heavily Draining Wounds- Cover wound with Medifil II Particles 1/4" inches deep
***Do not pack the wound tightly with Medifil particles
Apply secondary dressing:
Cover with a non-adherent absorbent dressing such as gauze or abdominal pads. Change when saturated.
Keep a moist wound environment.
If wound is infected, change Medifil II Particles daily until infection is resolved.
If the wound is contaminated, change particles after each event and consider using a transparent film dressing like Tegaderm to protect the wound.
If the wound is undermined and/or tunneled, combine Medifil II Particles with saline. Mix until it is thick, draw into a syringe and apply to tunneled areas. Gently pack wound with gauze to eliminated dead space.
How to remove Medifil II Particles:
Irrigate wound with saline until dressing loosens and lift gently away.  
Minimally Draining Wounds-  Dressings changed every 2-3 days until wound heals
Moderately Draining Wounds- Change dressings when saturated
Undermined/Tunneling Wounds- Flush daily with saline and re-apply Medifil II Particles