Ostoform Moldable Seal with FLOWASSIST Protection, SMALL (10/bx)


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OFA-S Ostoform Moldable Seal with FLOWASSIST Protection, SMALL (10/bx)

Ostoform moldable seals with Flowassist is a moldable ostomy seal with a non-absorbent spout, which directs stoma output away from the skin.

An entirely new ostomy ring innovation and one designed to divert stomal ouput away from the skin and barrier to increase ostomy pouch wear time and promote healthy peristomal skin.


  • 10 per box
  • Size: SMALL
  • Stoma Size: 15-23mm (1/2" - 1")

Still Unsure? Request a sample at Ostoform Limited


How To Use Ostoform:

1. Cut the pouch opening to stoma size + 5mm (1/4”)

e.g. for a 25mm stoma, cut the pouch opening to 30mm

e.g. for a 1” stoma, cut the pouch opening to (11/4”)

2. Position the spout directly below the stoma.

3. Wrap the tabs around the stoma to ensure a snug fit.

4. For secure pouch attachment, ensure the spout is fully inside the pouch opening, then pull the pouch up into the slot underneath the spout.

5. Press the pouch adhesive against the Seal and skin to achieve good adhesion. Note: If you use a 2-piece pouching system, position the baseplate over the Seal first. Then secure the 2-piece pouch to the baseplate.

 Warnings and Precautions:

1. Ensure the spout does not block the stoma.

2. The device is single-use. Dispose after use.

3. The Ostoform Seal has passed biocompatibility testing. If you feel any irritation or discomfort, please discontinue using the device and consult your ostomy specialist.

4. Should a serious incident arise as a result of using this device please report this immediately to the manufacturer and the local Competent Authority.

Storage: Store below 30 0C / 86 0F in dry conditions and out of direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Please refer to the expiry date ( ) on device label.

Warranty: The product will function as intended up to the expiry date.

Product Composition: Moldable Seal: Integrated hydrocolloid adhesive (non-recyclable) FLOWASSIST

Protection: Thermoplastic Elastomer (non-recyclable)

Disposal: Dispose of in a safe and approved manner in accordance with local regulations for disposing of non-recyclable materials. Do not flush down the toilet.