Ostomy Paste & Strips

Ostomy paste is a very common ostomy accessory used to improve appliance wear time. After ostomy surgery the peristomal area can have scarring, uneven areas, and skin folds that make it difficult to maintain a good seal between the skin barrier. No matter what type of ostomy you have, ostomy paste can be a useful tool.  Ostomy paste is available from ConvaTec as Stomahesive paste and Eakin Cohesive paste; Hollister as Adapt skin barrier paste and Karaya paste; Coloplast as Brava paste (w/ pectin) and Coloplast paste (w/out pectin). Ostomy strips are also used to protect peristomal skin from stomal output by filling in uneven skin surfaces to create a flat pouching surface. Some common ostomy strips include: Coloplast Brava strip paste, Hollister Adapt barrier strips, and ConvaTec Stomahesive strips.