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  • 60MSC9301, Silvasorb® 1.5 ounce tube

Silvasorb ® Hydrogel Silver (1.5 oz. tube)



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Silvasorb Hydrogel Antimicrobial Gel

  • 1.5 ounce tube
  • Ref# MSC9301EPH
  • Controlled-release, ionic silver for targeted microbial protection

The SilvaSorb® family combines targeted, ionic silver antimicrobial protection with advanced fluid management. Utilizing our Microlattice® technology, SilvaSorb controls the release of silver at amounts that are ideal for killing bacteria and fungi, without harming healthy tissue. SilvaSorb — for flat wounds with dry to heavy exudate. Use SilvaSorb sheets and perforated sheets for a seven-day antimicrobial barrier and the ability to donate or absorb moisture. SilvaSorb Cavity — for tunneling,undermined or heavily draining partial or full-thickness wounds. Use SilvaSorb Cavity for a seven-day antimicrobial barrier and where control of heavy drainage or wound filling is desired. SilvaSorb Site — for the invasive site of indwelling lines. Use SilvaSorb Site for a seven-day antimicrobial barrier (and fluid control) around the penetration sites for central lines, I.V. sites and protruding orthopedic appliances.  SilvaSorb Gel — for wounds with dry to moderate exudate.
Use SilvaSorb Gel for a three-day antimicrobial barrier, plus the moisture donating benefits of hydrogel.

Antimicrobial protection
Effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi.

Consistent protection
Controlled-release antimicrobial silver.

Non-adherent and no residue left in wounds.

Fluid Management
Silvasorb sheets and cavity absorb up to five times their weight in wound fluid and can donate moisture to dry wounds.

Extended wear time
Effective for up to seven days. Reduces change frequency and staff time.

Ease of Use
No need to pre-wet or re-wet. Can be cut to size.

SilvaSorb Gel

Donates Moisture
Hydrogel helps hydrate dry wounds and maintain an optimally moist wound healing environment.

Ease of use
Easy to apply and spread.

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