UC5600 Urocare® Adhesive Remover Pads, 50/bx


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5600 Urocare® Adhesive Remover Pads (50/bx)

Urocare® adhesive remover has been specifically formulated for
dissolving and removing unwanted adhesive or adhesive residue from urinary and ostomy appliances, tens units, monitoring electrodes, skin and can even be used for the removal of tar.
Packaged in a small, convenient wipe, Urocare® adhesive remover pads are the perfect solution to aid in the removal of adhesive residue left behind by male external catheters.
They may be used to soften the adhesive of double-sided adhesive foam strips as well as most brush-on medical adhesives. They contain a lab tested, non-toxic, citrus-based solution that may also be used to remove these types of medical adhesives or adhesive residue from skin and appliances in preparation for the use of a new adhesive strip/wafer.
It is recommended that a male externalcatheter be changed once a day to promote healthy skin. With the use of Urocare® ahesive remover pads, a male external catheter can be changed quickly and easily.
• NON-TOXIC—Lab Tested, non-toxic and free from harsh solvents.
• Citrus-Based—Fresh citrus scent and biodegradable.
• Many Uses—Use on nitro patches, tens units, electrodes, even tar.
• Convenient—Travel size pads are small and easy to use
• Soap & Water Clean-Up—Just wash, rinse and dry
  • Suitable for Hospital, Long-Term Care and Home Use
  • Alcohol-Free Formula
  • Environmentally Friendly—Does not contain ozone-depleting chloro-fluorocarbons
  • Convenient Packaging—Use only what you need so there's less waste
Note: For external use only.
ITEM/REF # 5600
CONTENTS 50 individual wipes/pads
SIZE 0.09" x 2" x 2.25" (0.3cm x 5cm x 5.7cm)
CAPACITY single use wipe
OTHER NON-TOXIC, No harsh solvents
SOLD Box (BX)/50 wipes/pads per box
PACKAGE SIZE 2.38" x 2.38" x 4.38"