HEELMEDIX Heel Protector, Standard, each


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HEELMEDIX Heel Protector, Standard

Features a pillow-like design providing comfort and protection.  Unique straps for multiple strappign options based on the patient's needs.  Open heel design for pressure off-loading and easy clinical checks.

11" - 19" Calf Circumference
One per package

  • HEELMEDIX™ helps relieve pressure on vulnerable heels.
  • 1 per package
  • Completely off-loads the heel and helps redistribute pressure
  • Open heel design allows for airflow and easy monitoring
  • Inner lining helps reduce friction and shear on heels
  • Inner material is absorbent, keeping the skin dry
  • Helps protect against foot drop
  • Multiple strapping options for custom fit, comfort and results
  • Color coded tags for quick size identification
  • Mesh laundry bag included
  • Closure type: Hook and loop
  • Color: Black and gray
  • Latex free: Yes
  • Material: Nylon & Faux Suede
  • Size: Unisize