Ostoform FLOWASSIST Flat Baseplate Small OFA-FB57-S (5/bx)


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Ostoform FLOWASSIST Flat Ostomy Baseplate/Wafer OFA-FB57-S (5/bx)

Ostoform’s new FLOWASSIST 2-Piece ostomy pouches offer an easier way to manage problematic stomas. By integrating Ostoform’s FLOWASSIST technology with a soft and flexible baseplate, our new pouching system can provide the same durability and security provided by the Ostoform Seal.


  • 5 per box
  • Stoma Size: Small (Fits Stoma Size: 19-25mm or 3/4" - 1")
  • Precut Stoma Size
  • Flange Size: one size
  • Floating Flange to reduce pressure on abdominal wall when attaching pouch
  • Includes FLOWASSIST technology to channel stoma output into the ostomy pouch minimizing risk of leaks and protecting peristomal skin
  • Barrier is composed of hydrocolloid to extend the appliance wear time
  • FLOWASSIST is designed to be used by all ostomy types
  • HCPCS: A4410